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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Start with a plan

... or more than one as it turns out.
Our club had the idea to start a 'Tale of X gamers' with the arrival of WHFB 8th edition. The plan was to make an army of about 2500 points in around 6 months.
First I thought about starting a new army. Tomb kings would be great as I already have the army and I always wanted a skeleton army. Skeletons was the first thing  I saw many moons ago that got me interested in Warhammer and wargames in general, but that's a whole other story.
Then reason stepped in. I have half of a Dwarf army and half an Ogre army and I decided to make both armies into complete playable 2500 points. A wise decision if I say so myself.
So, the Dwarfs you've seen in my previous post. I already started a few single models, a canon, an organgun and  a spearthrower.
At the same time I'm preparing the rest of the Dwarfs I need and the models of the Ogre army that I need to complete that army. I will take some pictures when I have the time.

But first something else: I have one more day of work and then nearly 3 weeks off! Yay!! I'll be traveling to the UK to visit a couple of Wargames shows (The other Partizan and Colours) and hopefully will have time to stop by Maelstrom Games, Games Workshop HQ and maybe even Wargames Foundry. The rest of the time that I'll be in the UK will be spend reading and resting in the New Forest national park. Hopefully that will give me the energy and inspiration I need to finish the armies and also do the other stuff I really want to do. The Sudan project is one and a 40K project will be the other. I just haven't decided which one it will be yet. Either an Ork project with loads of nice Forge World miniatures in it, or it will be a Space Wolf army (or two) because I would like to paint some of those. I'll decide when I get back. But first vacation !!!!

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  1. You lucky bugger!! Wish I could join you on your wargame fest in the UK.

    Have fun!